Monitors worried about Lanka’s fragile truce

Colombo, August 7:

European ceasefire monitors are worried about the future of Sri Lanka’s fragile truce and have called for talks between the government and Tamil Tigers to prevent the island from slipping back into war, chief monitor said today.

A spate of violence that has killed dozens in recent months and fierce warnings by the rebels have raised fears that Sri Lanka’s truce is on the brink of collapse.

“We are worried, for sure ... It’s very important the parties restart a dialogue,” chief mo-nitor Hagrup Haukland said.

Meanwhile, suspected Tigers hurled a grenade at a Marxist political party office in eastern Sri Lanka today, wounding one policeman.

A suspected guerrillas was also wounded when police opened retaliatory fire in Trincomalee, said eastern police chief. Three others were also arrested.

Marxist lawmaker Jayantha Weerasekera was at the office at the time of the attack but was not wounded.