Mumbai bomber trio gets death

Mumbai, July 18:

Three people were sentenced to death today for their role in the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings.

Parvesh Nasir Sheikh, who was the first to be given capital punishment by the anti-terror court, was found guilty on three counts — criminal conspiracy, act of terrorism

and murder. Sheikh is guilty of planting an RDX laden scooter in the busy Katha Bazaar of south central Mumbai, which killed four people and injured 21. He was also found guilty of planting a bomb in Bandra’s Sea Rock Hotel.

The two others to be given death sentence are Mushtaq Mussa Tarani and Abdul Gani Ismail Turk.

Judge Pramod Kode, however, said the death sentence would be subject to approval by the Supreme Court.

This is the first time that the special anti-terror court has handed the death sentence for those indicted in the Mumbai blasts, in which 257 people were killed.