Paris attacker identified from SMS to mother

PARIS: A police official says a text message to a woman announcing her son's death in the November 13 attacks on Paris in which 130 people got killed, led authorities to identify the third attacker in the Bataclan concert hall.

The official, who requested anonymity to reveal details of the investigation, said the mother received the text in English. The official said she provided a DNA sample last week, allowing authorities to identify French citizen Foued Mohamed-Aggad as the third dead attacker in the Bataclan.

One of the woman's other sons, who has returned from Syria, faces terrorism-related charges

Likewise, a French legal official says the third attacker at the Bataclan concert hall has been identified as a man from the eastern city of Strasbourg who left for Syria in 2013.

The official, who requested anonymity to give details of the ongoing investigation, did not provide the man's name.

The latest information Wednesday means that all the attackers identified so far were French or Belgian, all native French speakers.

In all, 130 people died in the November 13 attacks on Paris, with the worst of the carnage at the Bataclan.

All three Bataclan attackers were killed, two by detonating suicide vests and one who was shot by police.