Record fines for match-fixing in Bulgaria

SOFIA: Bulgaria's football union BFU slapped record fines worth 112,000 euros (£78,380, $121,800) on former A league sides Marek Dupnitsa and Haskovo for alleged match-fixing, officials said Tuesday.

These are the first heavy sanctions for match-fixing in the Balkan country.

The BFU said its disciplinary commission had decided to fine Marek Dupnitsa a record 210,000 leva (107,000 euros, $117,000), after "official notifications from UEFA with suspicions for rigged match results".

Similar allegations against Haskovo prompted the union to also fine the club 10,000 leva (5,000 euros, $6,000).

The two teams had raised eyebrows last season by allowing a number of heavy defeats. They have since been relegated to the amateur B league and will not be immediately obliged to pay the fines.

Allegations about match-fixing and rigged games had been rife in the Bulgarian media for years, but the practices only became punishable by law in 2011.

Those caught now face up to eight years in jail.