Russian BASE jumps from 7,700 m off Mt Cho Oyu

CHO OYU: Russian daredevil Valery Rozov leapt from a height of 7,700 metres (8,421 yards) off the Himalayan mountain Cho Oyu and spiralled without a parachute for 90 seconds in a BASE jumping world record attempt.

The 51-year-old extreme sports enthusiast eventually opened his parachute to land safely on a glacier below in the Oct. 5 jump, whose footage was released Monday, that had been delayed a week after heavy snowfall on the world's sixth highest peak.

Rozov had spent three weeks climbing close to the summit of the mountain on the Nepal/China border for the jump, which has yet to be ratified as a BASE (buildings, antennas, spans and earth) jumping highest exit point world record.

Rostov's previous best mark of 7,220m was set in 2013 when he leapt from Mount Everest.

The Russian dedicated his Cho Oyu jump to climber and friend, Alexander Ruchkin, who died tackling a climb in Peru last year.