Last week 47 persons including 27 school children were abducted and have not been released yet.


An unidentified armed group have reportedly abducted school children in Zamfara state of northwest Nigeria on Friday.

According to Reuters, a spokesperson for the state governor had acknowledged that the incident of kidnapping had occurred, however, the spokesperson declined to provide detailed information including the number of kidnapped students.

However, a teacher was quoted in AFP that the suspected armed bandits have taken away girls from a school hostel. "More than 300 girls are unaccounted for after a headcount of remaining students," Sadi Kawaye said to the news agency.

This is the second incident of mass kidnapping of school children in northern Nigeria, where, last week unidentified kidnappers abducted 42 persons including 27 students, and killed a student during their armed attack on a boarding school in Niger, the north-central state of the country.

Present conditions of those kidnapped are yet to be known.