Four killed in blast

KABUL: A roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan killed four US soldiers and wounded three others on Sunday, the US military said. The blast occurred as the troops were patrolling in Zabul province’s Daychopan district, the military said in a statement. — AP

Fishermen held

TAIPEI:Taiwan detained 20 Chinese fishermen aboard six boats for illegal fishing during the first day of a week-long crackdown, an official said on Sunday. “The 20 Chinese fishermen were detained after they refused to leave our territorial waters and continued to fish,” a coastguard spokesman said. The fishermen were detained on Saturday.— AFP

Rain claims eight

BEIJING: Torrential rains have killed eight people in south China’s Shenzhen special economic zone, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday. Four people were carried off by mud flows, two were electrocuted and two fishermen drowned between Friday evening and Saturday midday,

according to an assessment by the municipality. — AFP

Brunei Sultan marries

KUALA LUMPUR: Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has married a 26-year-old former Malaysian

television journalist, Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, who has become his second wife, reports said on Sunday. The marriage took on Friday evening in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, The New Straits Times said in a front-page report. — AFP