Receiving mixed reactions, blue and green furred dogs were spotted in two industrial areas of Russia.

While seven blue-furred dogs were found roaming near a run-down glass factory in Dzerzhinsk, an industrial city near Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow, several dogs with green fur were seen around Podolsk, another industrial town, south of Moscow, stated BBC.

The glass factory in Dzerzhinsk was known to produce acrylic glass and prussic acid. As per BBC, the dogs might have rolled around in powdered blue dye at the plant. They were taken to a veterinary clinic in Nizhny Novgorod where their samples were retrieved for testing.

The BBC quoted Russian media as saying that the dogs seem healthy. However, some toxic chemical causing the change of colour in their fur remains a potent possibility, which has raised concerns.

Meanwhile, the green-furred dogs were located near an abandoned warehouse. It has been reported that sacks of powdered green paint had been stored there. It is also being speculated that some people might have intentionally painted the dogs' fur. This, however, has not been proven. The dogs that appear healthy are also being checked by the vets.

Netizens have raised their concerns over the dogs' fur turning blue and green, which could hardly have a natural cause, indicating the risk of chemical pollution in Russia.

According to Reuters, if the dogs' lives and health are not under threat, they are expected to be released after sterilisation.