Tremor felt as far as Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan


A strong quake jolted the region of Tajikistan-Xinjiang border at 17:01:35 UTC, February 12.

According to European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the epicentre of the quake was recorded at Murghob, Tajikistan; specified location at a latitude of 38.13 N and longitude of 73.57 E with a depth of 92 km.

The shock had a magnitude of 5.9 and stretched as far as 257 kilometres southwest of Kashgar, China and 35 km west-southwest of Murghob, Tajikistan.

However, several readings have been made, where the India's National Centre for Seismology said its magnitude was 6.3, while the National Seismic Monitoring Centre in Pakistan measured the earthquake at 6.4 ML.

People surrounding this area and across northern regions of Pakistan, northern Indian states and Afghanistan felt the tremor.

No severe damages or casualties have been reported from the parts affected. Moreover, road blocks which were reported at places in the northern areas of Pakistan have been reported cleared.