Thats how we rap

K ATHMANDU: The American Embassy in coordination with the Nepal Music Center (NMC) conducted a workshop titled Basic Rhyme/ Positive Expression on March 5. The worskhop was conducted by the trio — Kima Hamilton aka DJ

Nutman, Chris Sagayo aka Ika and Victor Mangrobang aka Victamone — from Alaska, US who are here

on a three-day visit conducting workshops and performing (DJing and B-Boying) at different venues in Kathmandu.

“All day long you talk to yourself and thoughts constantly keep changing and keeping journal is very important to document your feelings of the day,” said Hamilton. He shared some of the techniques with the audience to rhyme while emceeing. While answering questions from the audience about how he was able to rhyme better while he rapped, he said, “Stay as close to your internal rhythm as possible.”

He played some instrumental music and made the audience write what they thought instantly and also made them sing those lines along with music.

Rapper Manas Ghale aka Looray and Kiran aka Mistah K from Nepsydaz band gave a surprise with their instant creation and rapping styles.

“When you write it should come from the heart and it’s all about painting your own picture. The reason I write is that when our children grow up they know our history,” said Hamilton.

He said keeping journal helps to maintain good lines.

“The workshop was fruitful as I knew the basic and most vital part of emceeing. Overall we learned how important is it to rhyme with the instrumentals and not lose the internal rhythm,” said Nishanta Gauchan, a B-Boy performer and participant in the workshop.

The workshop was followed by a jam session by Hari Maharjan and Project and Jindabaad. National B-Boy and B-Girl team from Nepal B-Boy/ B Girl Institute also performed showcasing their astounding moves.