Trauma hospital bombing took 30 lives

KABUL: The number of people killed when  US forces bombed a trauma hospital in northern Afghanistan earlier this  month has risen to 30, the international medical charity Doctors Without  Borders, which ran the clinic, said on Sunday. The death toll includes  “10 known patients, 13 known staff and seven unrecognisable bodies,” the  organisation said in a statement. The clinic in Kunduz was bombed by US  forces on October 3. The charity, also known by its French acronym MSF,  said that the corpses were found in the debris of the destroyed  hospital buildings and “have not been identified.” They may include one  staffer and two patients still missing,presumed dead, it said. The  bombing happened as Afghan forces with US air support battled to retake  Kunduz from Taliban fighters who overran the city on September 28 and  held it for three days.