WHO stands by Tamiflu against swine flu

GENEVA: Existing anti-viral treatments are effective against swine flu, the World Health Organisation insisted on Wednesday, describing a reported case of resistance to Tamiflu as an isolated case.

“We are not changing our recommendations regarding the antivirals existing today,” a WHO spokeswoman told AFP.

The WHO’s comments came after Danish health officials on Monday reported the first case of resistance in an A(H1N1) patient treated with Tamiflu, an antiviral drug that is one of the key influenza treatments recommended

by the WHO.

The WHO spokeswoman described it as an “isolated case with no implications

on public health.” She also pointed out that instances of resistance to Tamiflu were previously documented for avian flu.Swiss pharmaceutical firm Roche, which manufactures Tamiflu, had also said that the Danish case was expected and likely to be isolated.

“This was very much expected,” said David Reddy, Roche’s pandemic task

force leader.