World's oldest man dies at 112 in Japan

TOKYO: The world's oldest man, Sakari Momoi, has died in Japan at the ripe old age of 112, an official said on Tuesday. Momoi, born months before the Wright brothers made their first successful flight, passed away late Sunday, said the official at Saitama City, north of Tokyo, where he had lived for many years. The supercentenarian, recognised as the world's oldest male at the age of 111 last year, died of kidney failure in a care home in Tokyo. "We heard from his family... that his health worsened one or two weeks ago," the official said. Momoi, a former high school principal who was born on February 5, 1903, received a certificate from Guinness World Records confirming the achievement last year. Dressed in a black suit, white shirt and silver tie, Momoi told assembled media that he did not plan on going anywhere just yet. According to the US-based Gerontology Research Group, the title of world's oldest man now passes to Japan's Yasutaro Koide, also 112 years old and just over a month younger than Momoi.

Boat sinks off Greece

ATHENS: Between 11 and 15 migrants trying to reach Europe by boat are missing off the Greek Aegean island of Agathonissi, near the Turkish coast, after their vessel sank, the Greek coastguard said on Tuesday. One body was recovered from the sea, while Greek vessels saved eight survivors and the Turks picked up 13, one coastguard official told AFP. The survivors told authorities between 33 and 37 people had been on the boat before it went down. Greece was using a helicopter, two patrol boats and a navy vessel to look for other survivors. Greece is one of the main entry points into the European Union for migrants making risky sea voyages, the number of which has greatly increased in recent months.