You are powerful

Sometimes, we stop doing what we should be doing mid way because it did not have enough impact. While people like you are having their names in Forbes list and establishing companies, the best you did was show up to class or work. The best you did was just live an average life. But, you forget something here, you did something more. You made people smile, you distracted distressed people with small talk; you got jealous over someone’s accomplishments and reminded yourself that you have feelings. You did something just because you noticed the ability to choose, you sympathized, you loved, you played with your dog and rescued him/her from obesity. You lived a day not knowing if you will have the next and yet you did not stop breathing. You did not give up. The future although scares you, it did not kill your will to live. And even if you had thoughts of ending your life for some reason you did not because you are powerful. Because you chose to live. —