‘Youths wasting time’

YANGON: Aung San Suu Kyi  has hit out at young people ‘wasting time’ on computer games and social  networking. She made the comments in a letter to organisers of a  literary festival at the weekend in Yangon. “Our lifestyles are changing  nowadays as technology improves,” she wrote in a public letter to the  Nobel-Myanmar Literary Festival posted online on Friday. “Now our  children waste a lot of their time on computer games, Internet games and  social networks. Children read less because the use of technology has  increased,” she added. In her letter Suu Kyi also hit out at education  standards, citing underfunding as well as a tendency towards rote  learning rather than critical analysis. “We rarely have libraries in our  schools and we have no more time to read books when we are in class,”  she said.