Dull and lifeless feet?

Are you interested in getting super smooth feet? Do your feet look dull and lifeless underneath your summer flats? A corn cob can come to your rescue and save the day?

As you walk or drive down the city streets you will notice each nook and cranny is filled with scrumptious cobs of freshly grilled corn cobs. Along with the crazy monsoon rains, the corn cobs are the soul of summer temperatures. In addition to relishing the corn cobs you can make use of the cob in your beauty regime. After you munch on the corn keep the cob safely to use for a foot care regime. The best solution to giving your feet the much needed care is to carefully wash it and moisturise. Soak your feet in bucket full of water with a few pinches of salt. After a few minutes take your feet out of the bucket and use the corn cob to thoroughly scrub all parts of your feet. Then wash your feet with a little bit of soap to get rid of any possible corn residue. Use towel to dab dry your feet and end with a tad bit of moisturiser or oil to make sure your feet skin is nourished. The next time you walk to the trash can with your corn cob, think twice as it can help you flaunt fabulous feet.

The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain. www.facebook.com/easycutsnepal