Homemade shaving cream

Shaving is a ritual we have all tried at some point, whether you are a man or woman. We all are also probably guilty of dry shaving at some point because you ran out of shaving cream. But this lazy experience probably left you with more cuts and irritated hair follicles than any other time you shaved.

Do you know that simple household ingredients can help you create a shaving cream? Heat a pan and create a mixture with equal parts of hair conditioner, baby lotion and coconut oil. If you buy shampoo and conditioner together in the same quantity then you must have ample conditioner lying around the house and you could alternatively use moisturiser in the place of baby lotion. The coconut oil is a must but it will also work as a moisturiser. Then let the mixture cool and use it as shaving cream the next time you shave. Be sure to make a little quantity first and apply it on a little portion of your skin for a test shave. This way you are not stuck with using a shaving cream you do not like or are allergic to. If you think it works wonder then create a mixture when you have time and store it in a jar to use your homemade shaving cream whenever required. Moral of the story — use shaving cream, particularly because it can be made extremely easily at home!

The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain. www.facebook.com/easycutsnepal