Nailing it!

Are you sick and tired of hiding your nails? Did you know that a few things around the house and a little bit of time can do the trick?

Just like other parts of your body your nails need a little bit of attention as well. Frankly, there is nothing more unappealing than brittle and dirty nails. It’s not an impossible feat to have clean and healthy nails if you spend a few minutes taking care of them. If you use detergent to wash clothes or dishes make sure you wear protective gloves because detergents can leave your nails dry and lifeless. Also, make sure you clean the area under your nails at all times to avoid bacterial growth and nail breakage.

Above all make sure you moisturise your nails everynight to hydrate your nails. Try these simple tips and always be prepared to flaunt healthy and fabulous nails!

— Kriti Panth

The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain.