Rose water for sweaty and icky face

Are you sick and tired of walking around with a sweaty and icky face during the summer?  Have you given up on all the different products you’ve tried? Did you know that rose water can work wonders?

There is nothing more frustrating than your face constantly sweating and feeling icky during the summer days. Since, it’s not practical to stay at a cool dry place at all times, a little rose water can help you. While most toners can have different results on your skin, rose water can work wonders on any type of skin. After washing your face before bed, towel dry your face and dab on some rose water. Then after you wake up just splash some water on your face without using face wash, as washing your face too much will trigger increased oil production on your facial skin. After rinsing your face in the morning and dab it with

a towel, apply some rose water before you apply facial products such as sun block. Try this simple tip and be prepared to look less sweaty and icky this summer!

  The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain.