The purpose behind every act is different, and it varies from people to people. Two people might be doing the same thing, but it is not mandatory that their intent has to be the same.

Likewise, when I entered the realm of literature, my sole intention was to keep myself away from the digital gadgets and social media.

I was so addicted to the social media that I could even spend one third of the day scrolling the news feed.

I had a problem looking at the screen for long hours because of the dryness in my eyes.

Plus, I had an ocular allergy.

But I was not able to get rid of my addiction although it had started to ruin my health.

I had to somehow do away with my addiction.

Literature and books came to my mind, which I thought would rescue me from my addiction.

I was not much of a reader, but my shelves had enough books of different genres.

When I used to go to a bookstore with my friends who were avid readers, I would buy some books to decorate my book shelf.

One day when I was alone at home, I decided to do something different. I switched off the phone and picked up a novel. I was determined to read all day long, but I had no reading habit.

I could manage to read only about 15 pages on the first day.

It was good progress for someone like me who would get tired after reading a couple of pages.

On the second day also, I couldn't reach my targeted goal, as I had set 60 pages for the day.

I managed to accomplish only half of what I had targeted.

After reading 30 pages, I dove onto my bed to check my phone. "It is not going to happen,"

I murmured to myself.

Later that evening, a person inside me held me back from using the mobile phone.

The reason being that I was keen to know more about the story of the novel I had read earlier that day.

My nerves were occupied with the events of the novel. I sat at the table and managed to read 30 more pages before I dozed off.

The same process continued for a few days, and I finished the novel within a week of starting.

Slowly, my fondness for literature and books grew.

I read more than I use the phone today. While I chose literature as a means to get away from my addiction, I happened to explore my interest also.

My eyes are a lot better than before.

The continuous engagement with books has encouraged me to write, and it also helped me find my hidden talent. I have written a novella, and recently I have completed the first draft of a novel.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 27 2021, of The Himalayan Times.