The changes brought about by COVID-19 can be used to make cities more open, accessible and inclusive to all people. The world as we knew it has changed and so have our interactions with people and with the physical environment. Our vocabulary has expanded with phrases like "the new normal" and "WFH" – work from home – as we embrace the virtual reality of telework and the physical reality of work from home.

Just as our lives have been changed by the pandemic, so must change the way we use and plan our cities. This is an opportunity for disruptive transformation.

Governments and organizations have learned altered modes for the way we can work, live and play. This can change the way our cities will be redesigned in the future.

Equally important has been the change in our physical environment during this pandemic.

We have seen bluer skies, greener grass and cleaner air. To retain the positive impacts of these changes, there are key lessons that can guide us.