126 industries get NS certification

KATHMANDU: Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) has granted Nepal Standard (NS) quality mark to 126 industries till date. Among NS quality goods, PVC and GI pipes are in a majority. Around 19 brands of pipes have got NS mark.

Nepal Standards Act has made NS mark mandatory for six items — cement, steel bars, GI wires, steel sheets, dry cell and LPG cylinders, said Dr Sita Ram Joshi, director general. Among NS awarded goods, Nebica Pvt Ltd is the only biscuit manufacturer and Brighter Industries Pvt Ltd is the sole toothpaste and brush manufacturer. Eight paint industries are listed for NS mark. In consumer goods category, two beer and 12 vegetable oil industries are listed in NS.

Probiotech Pvt Ltd is the sole feed producer listed in NS. Asian Thai Food Pvt Ltd, Himalayan Snacks and Noodles Pvt Ltd and

CG Foods Pvt Ltd have got NS award. “NS mark is

an assurance of quality,” said Joshi, “We strictly

monitor the products that get NS mark.”

NBSM conducts routine monitoring and inspection of products, he said

adding that the bureau had monitored the products 1339 times the last fiscal year. The bureau also inspected the market to promote standards measurement system.

In fiscal year 2008-09, NBSM inspected 16,000 shops and punished 8,842 shopkeepers for tampering with weights and measures tools. “We collected Rs 11,95,770 fine from shops,” said Joshi. According to NBSM, taxi meter tampering is rampant in Kathmandu Valley. The bureau has found 3,754 taxies had tampered with meters and fined their drivers Rs 17,97,650.

NBSM gives NS quality awards to promote quality in Nepali products. It has awarded NS quality award to 11 companies since 1999. Asian Paints has received NS quality award 2009 whereas Hulas Wire Industries Pvt Ltd and Jagdamba Steels Pvt Ltd got letters of appreciation last week.