Kathmandu, June 11 This year the Department of Tourism (DoT) had issued expedition permits to a total of 868 climbers for 30 different peaks. Of the total, 381 members from 48 countries had received expedition permits to scale Mount Everest (8848m) and among them 14 members were from Nepal. As per the DoT, of the total number of climbers who received expedition permits, only 281 climbers along with 378 high-altitude workers successfully summited Mt Everest this spring. According to data compiled by DoT, the highest number of climbers to receive expedition permits were from India and the United states — 75 climbers each. Similarly, 60 climbers from China and 44 climbers from the UK had received permits to climb Mt Everest this spring season. Meanwhile, the DoT also reported that a total of nine climbers died this spring during their summit to Mt Everest. As per DoT, it collected a total of Rs 495 million from expedition royalty in this spring season. Of this total, Rs 442 million was collected for expeditions to the world’s highest peak. According to the department, till date it has records of the collections made for peaks of over 6,000 metres, while the collection for scaling smaller peaks is yet to be calculated. The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) is authorised to provide the permit for mountains below 6,000m and the association is yet to communicate with the DoT about the collection it has made. The NMA is authorised to issue permits for 27 smaller peaks. It had collected $1.06 million last year by issuing 1,637 permits to a total of 6,385 climbers. The government levies $11,000 per person for foreign climbers for expeditions to Mt Everest during spring season, while Nepali climbers have to pay Rs 75,000 per person. For other mountains above 8,000 metres, the government levies $1,800 on foreigners and Rs 10,000 for Nepali climbers.