Action in the market

KATHMANDU: Gorkha Lahari Pvt Ltd has launched a new product in cigarette category ‘Action’. This cigarette — made with international quality tobacco and HL pack — is priced at Rs 52 per pack.

Gorkha Lahari produces different brands of cigarettes like Golf Flake Plain, Sahara Filter, Bahar Plain, Winner Filter, Bigul Plain, Gorkha Filter, Style Filter, Yeti Filter and its flagship brand Brown FTK.

In line with its varied products, the company assures of providing satisfaction to the consumers and has also assured of coming up with new and quality products in future.

Established to provide quality cigarettes to its

consumers, the company has an authorised capital

of Rs 800 million.

In the last fiscal year, Gorkha Lahari paid Rs 670 million tax to the government. Directly and indirectly, 400 people are

working for the company while externally it provides employment to thousands including retailers and wholesalers.