Arati Strips resumes production after India revokes its decision

Biratnagar, June 24:

One of the biggest zinc plate manufacturing industries Arati Strips — that was closed for last 45 days — has started its operations from yesterday.

It had discontinued its production of zinc plates after India had decided to impose 10 per cent additional tax on the import of raw materials required for the industry. Earlier, the company had stopped production due to India’s decision to take 10 per cent additional tax on the import of steels and its related materials.

However, India withdrew its decision following the request of Nepal government. After this decision of India, three zinc plate industries are now operational.

Due to India’s earlier decision of taking 10 per cent additional tax, Biratnagar based, Arati Strips was closed for 45 days.

Every year, the industry has been paying Rs 270 million revenue to the government. Eighty per cent zinc plates of the total production from the industry are supplied to India.

After, India’s decision of lifting 10 per cent additional tax over steel related items, the industry has begun to import raw materials from India, general manager of the industry, Roshit Unnithan said. The domestic zinc industries have been importing raw materials from India since long.

Currently, big zinc industries like Arati Strips, Hulas Steel Industries and Rajesh Metal are operating in Nepal.

Meanwhile, export of zinc plates to India has reduced by Rs 500 million till mid June because of India’s decision of imposing 10 per cent additional charge.

Currently, domestic industries are facing various threats from different quarters in home also.

Various armed groups’ forceful donation-spree and regular bandhs are hurting the Nepali manufacturing sector hard.