Bajaj X-change Mela starts

Kathmandu, August 29:

After two rounds of successful campaigns, Bajaj, leadin-g two-wheeler brand in Ne-pal, has come up with third Bajaj Maha X-change Mela.

Organised by Hansraj Hulashchand & Company, authorised distributor of Bajaj in Nepal, the third exchange mela will begin from August 30 at Bhrikuti Mandap and will continue for four days.

On this edition of Bajaj Mela, like the first and the second, famed exchange companies from all over Nepal are taking part. There will be more than 20 companies assimilated that will help the customers get the best bargain for their motorcycle, states a press release.

Bajaj claims that it provides two-wheelers to all classes of the customers. Bajaj CT 100 falls in the economic class, while all the motorcycles from 125cc and 135cc grade are placed in the executive level. The motorcycles larger than 135cc are in the large category.

The third edition of the Bajaj Mela has one more specialty. The customers can get on spot finance service, which implies that th-ere will be no added pressu-re for the customers to buy or exchange their motorcycles. Plus, the participants of the Mela, who exchange or buy motorcycle, will be eligible to receive various attractive accessories.