Banking career beckons women

POKHARA: With the growing number of banks and financial institutions in Pokhara and the provision of good salary as well as bright prospects ahead, women also are getting attracted towards a career in the banking sector.

From junior to senior posts, women have proved that they can perform on par with men. Fresh graduates also are trying to enter the banking sector. Kalpana Karki started her career from Machhepuchre Bank seven years ago. She rose to become branch manager of the bank. Currently, she works as senior officer at Kist Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd.

“Many women, especially graduates, are opting for a career in banks. Some of them have secure jobs and perform as well as men,” she said.

Some financial institutions have prioritised recruitment of women employees. Kist branch chief Tanka Nath Niraula said his bank is more flexible in hiring women staff and he hasn’t come across any mistake committed by women staffers. The Pokhara branch of Sangrila Development Bank has half a dozen women employees, including the branch manager.

“Though banking jobs are challenging, I feel women can face the challenge if given the opportunity,” said Sujata Hamal, Sangrila’s branch manager.