Benefits of Glucovita

KATHMANDU: According to UNICEF nearly half of all deaths of children under the age of five are attributable to under nutrition.

Malnutrition is deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in the body which leads to underdevelopment of body organs and body growth overall.

Glucovita Glucose powder helps to provide all the above nutrients in a perfect blend with glucose. Glucose is the most basic fuel for the body which gets absorbed by the body instantly to provide energy. Whenever one is tired, dehydrated and dizzy it is advised to drink glucose so that the body gets energy instantly, as per a statement issued by the company.

Glucovita can be consumed before or in between any activity as it regulates and lowers body temperature. It is available in Plain Powder, Juicy Orange and Tangy Lemon flavours. It stands out from other ordinary glucose powders as it not only provides instant energy but also quick refreshment.