SCBNL’s new scheme

KATHMANDU: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd (SCBNL) has launched a Credit Card Reward scheme, states a press release issued by the bank on Tuesday. The scheme allows one to earn reward points on every purchase made using the SCBNL Credit Card. The cardholder is entitled for one reward point for every Rs 100 purchase. The validity of reward point is for the period of one year and will have to be redeemed within such period. Besides the Reward Point Scheme, other exclusive benefits offered on SCBNL Credit Card are InstaBuy facility with 0 per cent to 10 per cent installment schemes; discount range from five per cent to 30 per cent at various merchant outlets and utility bill payment service. — HNS

NIC has super scheme

KATHMANDU: NIC Bank Ltd has introduced a new deposit scheme — NIC USD Super Savings Account. This is a high yield savings account scheme for US dollars. The bank will pay four per cent interest rate per annum, states a press release issued by the bank on Tuesday. Overdraft facility in rupees against the USD deposit, a fast track NIC Ghar Subidha with

50 per cent waiver on processing fee, instant approval of NIC Auto Loan, free NIC Cash Card and 50 per cent discount on travel cheque and draft issuance commission are some of the additional benefits of the scheme, claims the bank. — HNS