Victorinox watches

KATHMANDU: Time World, an authorised distributor for Tag Heuer, Dior and Seiko watches, would soon been selling Victorinox Swiss Army watches. Designed and produced by Victorinox Company established in 1909, the name ‘Swiss Army’ was born from the immense popularity that the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife enjoyed with American GIs returning to the USA in 1945. Victorinox Swiss Army watches inherit the quality, durability, and ingenuity of the legendary Victorinox multi-tools and Swiss Army watches. — HNS

Improving runways

DHANGADHI: Dhangadhi Airport which has remained as a backbone of air service to far-western Nepal is being blacktopped. The overall development of far-western region has been obstructed due to the lack of smooth operation of flight services throughout the year. The Dhangadhi airport is the only airport in this region where Avro aircrafts can land safely. The airport which occupies 48 bighas of land provided very few flight services since 2039 BS. According to Bhupendra Bhatta, the portion of 1,800 metres long runway is being readied for the revamp. — RSS

Far-western festival

KANCHANPUR: Kanchanpur Tourism Festival and Far-western Industrial Trade Fair-2062 is being organised in the second week of December. 216 stalls will be displayed in the fair, which is to run for seven days from December 9. According to the organisers, consumer goods, agriculture and herbal products, ready-made clothes, carpets, pashmina, handicrafts, leather goods, along with automobiles, electronic goods, tourism and education related materials will be put on display. — RSS.