EBL, Nepse ink pact


Everest Bank Ltd (EBL) and Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (Nepse) have singed an agreement to list ‘EBL Debenture 2061’ at Nepse for trading through secondary market. Pramod Kumar Bhattarai, acting GM at Nepse and Pramod Raj Sharma, company secretary of EBL signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organisations. A total of 300,000 EBL debentures with of paid-up capital of Rs 1000 each have been made public through Citizen Investment Trust as issue manager. With this agreement, the EBL debenture can be traded at Nepse floor. — HNS

Units cancelled


The registration of around two dozens cottage and small industries in Gorkha has been cancelled after they faiked to renew on time. The registration of 20 cottage and small industries were cancelled in the last fiscal year, after they had failed to renew as per the Industry Registration Regulations. However, a total of 46 new industries were registered in the same period. They are; seven cottage industries and 35 small industry. During the fiscal year, the office collected Rs 142,140 revenue from registration, says Binod Dev Panta, senior industry officer at the office. — RSS

Asian version of Linux


A partnership of companies from Japan, China and South Korea will unveil a new Linux-based operating system for local markets later this week in Beijing to challenge Microsoft Corp’s dominance, a news report reported. The new software, called Asianux 2.0, will be introduced on Thursday and was developed by Japan-based Miracle Linux Corp, China’s Red Flag Software Co and Haansoft Inc of South Korea, the Nihon Keizai newspaper reported. The companies have been working on the system since last year. — AP