Vegetable farming


Farmers of Simalchaur, Dudhekhola, Ratnachaur, Singha, Arman and Bhagawati VDCs have been earning thousands of rupees annually from commercial vegetable farming. Farmers say that they can earn a decent earning by cultivating seasonable and off-seasonable vegetables. More than 7,553 metric tonnes of vegetable is produced in the district every year. — RSS

Transportation resumes


The transportation obstructed in the eastern Nepal for the last 10 days has resumed on Saturday. Almost all the traffic was stalled in Koshi and Mechi due to the Maoist-called highway blockade.— RSS

Relief for Indonesia


Nepal Red-Cross Society, Myagdi has collected funds for tsumania-hit Indonesia. The collected amount will be sent to central office of the Red-Cross. — RSS

Turkey has new currency


Millions of Turks will lose their status as billionnaires from Saturday as the world’s biggest banknote, the 20 million-lira bill (worth just under $16), is formally declared dead. At midnight last night Turkey adopted a new currency, the new Turkish lira (YTL) replacing notes. — The Guardian

French growth prospects


French government figures released here on Friday cast doubts on the likelihood of 2.5 per cent economic growth 2004 and 2005 and foresaw the public deficit being reduced to 0.9 per cent of output in 2009. The GDP growth was predicted at ‘around 2.5 per cent in 2004 after taking into account the greater number of working days.— AFP