JCF cement output rises

BUTWAL: Jagadamba Cement Factory Pvt Ltd has increased its production and produced 83,692 metric tonnes of cement in the last 10 months. The industry has increased the production of cement at a time when most industries have closed down their production due to the present situation of the country. The industry has sold 83,251 metric tonnes of cement worth over Rs 420 million over the last 10 months. JCF, established 14-kilometre inside the Indian border and at a distance of nine kilometres from Lumbini, the birthplace of lord Buddha, is said to be pollution free. It has installed equipment to fight pollution at a cost of $50,000. The industry started production in Gonaha in 2059BS and about 300 persons have been employment in the industry. — RSS

Consumer goods price list

BHADRAPUR: Jhapa district supply co-ordination committee has decided to make a compulsory provision for all retailers to display a price list of all daily consumables in front of their respective shops. The committee, in a meeting on Monday, also decided to raise public awareness on the need of labels in food products as per the Consumers Protection Act and also to monitor the market every month. A decision was also reached according to which the Nepal Oil Corporation will provide the committee secretariat a daily report on the sale of petroleum products so as to check any irregularities in the supply of subsidised kerosene in VDCs and municipalities in the district. — RSS