Paddy production
KAKARVITTA: Paddy production in Jhapa district is likely to decrease by around 15 per cent this year due to bad weather during the period of plantation. The Jhapa District Agricultural Development Office said with a fall of 15 per cent, only 274,200 metric tonnes harvest in the district is likely as there was excessive rain and flood during the cultivation and drought during flowering and fruiting time. Some 322,200 metric tonnes of paddy was produced in 87,200 hectares of land last year. Compared to last year, there will be a fall of around 16, 900 metric tonnes this year.
Property disputes
CHITWAN: Property disputes are othe rise incline here as most of the cases filed at District Court, Chitwan, are related to assets and land. Of the 1,216 cases filed during the last fiscal year 266 are related to property, according to the Chitwan district court. The court records show that disputes related to land and assets increased by 20 per cent during the same year compared to the corresponding period the preceding year. Of the 266 cases, the court conducted final hearing on 146 cases and the remaining 120 are still pending.
Kamaiyas’ rehab
MAHENDRANAGAR: Freed Kamaiyas, who have long been waiting for rehabilitation in Kanchanpur, are soon going to start a new life. The local administration, political parties and officials of Freed Kamaiya Rehabilitation Committee have agreed to rehabilitate freed Kamaiyas within December 15. Around 4,000 freed Kamaiyas have already been resettled in the district and some 162 families are yet to be rehabilitated. As per the consensus, these families will be resettled in Pachgadiya, southern Kanchanpur.
Improved campaign
TEHRATHUM: An improved oven campaign is going to be launched in Tehrathum for environment conservation. The Dalit Awareness Society, Tehrathum, will start the campaign to control deforestation and environment conversation in Dangapa, Okhre, Sudap, Phakchhamara and Hamarjung VDCs of the district. One social mobiliser and 15 promoters will be deployed to make the campaign successful, said Anubhuti Nepal, chairperson of the Dalit society. He said many are unaware of the effects of firewoodsmoke.