Panchakanya’s bike

KATHMANDU: Panchakanya Group has opened a new showroom of FiR 200cc sports motorcycle at EkantaKuna Jawalakhel. The bike had been introduced by a PITC sister concern of Panchakanya Group. “We feel that there is a need of new generation sports bike,” states a press release. The new bike is stylish, affordabel, powerful, gives extra milage and has flexibility. — HNS

WTO rule on subsidy

GENEVA: The WTO agreed on Monday to rule on claims by Canada and Brazil that subsidies the US gives its farmers violate WTO limits. The WTO, during a meeting of its 151 members at its Geneva headquarters, agreed to hear the separate complaints filed this year by Canada and Brazil after attempts failed by the three countries to reach agreement among themselves. — AFP

Japan, UAE to ink deal

TOKYO: Japan will hold economic talks on Monday with the energy-rich UAE as Japanese banks prepare to sign a deal to extend a multibillion-dollar loan to the state-run Abu Dhabi oil company. Japan, which has virtually no natural energy resources of its own, is seeking to secure stable supplies of crude oil in the face of growing competition for energy from fast-growing Asian economies such as China and India. — AFP