Coke’s lucky winners

KATHMANDU: Coke has announced seven lucky winners of ‘Coca-Cola Money Mania’, states a press release. Bhawana Tulachan (Boudha), Parwat Thapa (Thamel) and Nabin Manandhar (Thimi) have won Rs 1,00,000. Similarly, Shatrughan Puri (Tandi), Sunil Tamang (Rampur), Kamal Pun (Pokhara) and Yam Bahadur Gurung have also won Rs 1,00,000. The scheme is scheduled to run for 40 days. 33 more people can win Rs 100,000 each day. — HNS

NATO shows concern

KATHMANDU: Nepal Association of Tour Operators (NATO) has expressed its deep concern over the recent cancellation of all international flights of Nepal Airlines Cor (NAC). “The move will disturb the planned visits of tourists,” states a NATO press release. NATO strongly demands with NAC to find an alternative way and resume its flights. — HNS

NIC bank posts profits

KATHMANDU: NIC Bank has registered a net profit of Rs 168 million, an increment by 73 per cent this fiscal year in comparison to the last fiscal year. According to the bank, it has posted an operating profit of Rs 303 million, a growth by 43 per cent. —HNS