US for strong dollar :

SINGAPORE: US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Monday backed a strong dollar and said the nation’s massive current account deficit reflected its appeal for investors. “A strong dollar is clearly in our nation’s interest,” he told reporters following annual talks of the Group of Seven countries and the International Monetary Fund here. The deficit was due to numerous factors such as “global imbalances” that include slow growth in Europe and Japan, and a low US savings rate, Paulson said.—AFP

Keep focus on poverty :

SINGAPORE: Members of the World Bank’s policy body on Monday told Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to stay focused on poverty as he pursues a campaign to stamp out corruption and promote sound governance. “We have to stay involved with governments and work with governments, not around them, as long as they are determined to take action” against graft, said British Secretary of State for International Development

Hilary Benn.—AFP

American beef in Asia :

TOKYO: Japanese queued up before a downtown Tokyo fast-food chain on Monday as the restaurant began offering the first servings in more than two years of a popular rice dish topped with American beef. US Ambassador to Japan Thomas Schieffer and his wife Susanne

were among the diners who partook in the event, billed by Yoshinoya D&C Co. as “Resurrection Festival for the Beef Bowl.” – AP

Thai firm in Vietnam :

HANOI: The Vietnamese government, seeking to reduce its reliance on steel imports, has awarded Thailand’s Tycoons Worldwide Group PCL a license to build a $556 million steel plant in the central part of the country, a company executive said on Monday. Construction of the plant, located at the Dung Quat Economic Zone in central Quang Ngai province, is expected to start in the next six months, said Huang Wen Sung, president of the Tycoons group. — AFP