BRAND WATCH : Pashupati turbo-quench steel bar launched

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 17:

Pashupati Iron and Steel Pvt Ltd has launched Pashupati Turbo-quench TMT steel bar in the market. The newly-launched steel bar is being manufactured by Turbo-quench cooling system, which is supplied by the world famous German engineer Herbert Rothe, states a press release issued here today. Turbo-quench technology is recognised for its high strength and toughness combined with high ductility, states a company press release. According to the company, Pashupati Turbo-quench steel bar is probably the only iron that meets Nepal Standard 1991 and international standards like IS 1786— Fe 500 and DIN 488-BSt 5005. Other features of the Pashupati Turbo-quench are high strength and high ductility, high corrosion and rust resistance, better bending, bonding and welding ability. Pashupati Iron and Steel has been manufacturing and selling CTD bar for the last two decades.