brand watch : Signature whisky in 90ml


United Spirits Nepal Pvt Ltd has launched new Signature 90 ml in the market.

The new Signature with new looks is richer and portable and well-recognised octagonal bottle — the green-gold colour combinations — the distinct style and flourish with the brand name inscribed on it, that is unique to the brand, making it highly distinguished. This rich new look has been designed by the world reno-wned, London-based Clae-ssens International. The company has unveiled this first ever 90 ml pack in Nepal as well as the first brand ever to provide further value and satisfaction to discerning whisky consumers, states a press release. With this new launch it has now a complete range of Signature Rare whisky, claims the company. It is now available at leading store at Rs 90. — HNS

Spey Livet in market

Kathmandu: Himalayan Distillery Ltd (HDL), a leading distillery in Nepal, has introduced Spey Livet Premium Rare Whisky in the market. Spey Livet is a premium rare whisky imported from Speyside Glenlivet region of Scotland. This premium rare whisky has been matured and mellowed in Scotland for 12 years and thus can rival any international acclaimed whisky’s quality and taste, claims the company. Spey Livet will be initially available in Kathmandu and priced at Rs 725 per 750 ml bottle. — HNS