Brand watch: WaterGuard launched

Kathmandu, August 25:

Population Services International (PSI) Nepal has started marketing a new water-purifying technology called WaterGuard in the market. WaterGuard — developed by the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, USA — is a simple technology by which all households can easily and affordably purify drinking water in the comfort of their own homes using a diluted chlorine solution added to their everyday water storage vessel.

Chlorination to purify drinking water is not a new concept and for over a century in developed countries purified water has been piped into every home. This highly safe and effective technology is available to all consumers in Nepal in the form of WaterGuard, states a press release issued here by PSI. This product will enable to effectively purify household water and consistently ensure the safety of water. WaterGuard is affordable (50 paisa per day for a family of six), simple to use (a few drops added to your water storage vessel prior to drinking) and effective (reducing the incidence of diarrhea by more than 50 per cent). WaterGuard is manufactured by Srijana Pure Drinking Water Industries Pvt Ltd, distributed by Himalayan Snax and Noodles (P) Ltd and marketed by PSI.