Slowly but surely, everything in our households and offices are getting smarter. At this point, almost every major appliance has made the leap, from refrigerators to ovens to air conditioners — you name it.

Air purifiers remove contaminants from the air inside a room and purify the air we breathe. Their latest designs come equipped with a host of smart features. Here are some of the contenders for the best new smart air purifiers.

Improve indoor air with KENT

KENT is one of the leading names in water purifiers in the Nepali market. Over the years, this Indian brand has diversified into many products along with air purifiers. CG Electronics, the official distributor of KENT products in Nepal, offers smart air purifiers from KENT. Sources from the company say, “The KENT smart air purifiers are largely popular in the Nepali market, especially with corporates.”

The KENT Alps Air Purifier equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) technology from Japan. It makes the indoor air pure, healthy and free from pollutants. The smart capabilities of the device features Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring — an inbuilt sensor and air quality LED display which indicates the air quality in three colours — blue for excellent, pink for good and red for poor. This elegantly designed smart air purifier is extremely convenient to use and install. The Inbulit Ionizer releases negative ions that freshen-up the room air by forcing the pollutants to stick to the walls or other surfaces within the room.

Similar to KENT Alps Air Purifier is KENT Aura Air Purifier that effectively removes Particulate Matter (PM) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) such as dust and smoke present in indoors. The air purifier’s specially treated activated carbon filter effectively absorbs any odour or foul smell in the air. The KENT Alps Air Purifier is priced at Rs 31,490 and KENT Aura Air Purifier is priced at Rs 26,490.

Blue Air: Timeless design with smart capabilities

One of the top brands in the international market, Blue Air is a Swedish air purifier product. Get Ahead Pvt Ltd, the official distributor of Blue Air in Nepal, will be launching the Blue Air air purifiers in the Nepali market by the end of this month. The air purifiers are available for pre-booking until the end of May with a 15 per cent discount. According to company sources, “We have lots of expectations from the brand as it is a high quality air purifier with smart features.”

The Blue Air Classic 280i is a state-of-the-art smart air purifier, which is equipped with Wi-Fi and comes with integrated air quality sensors. This quiet, efficient smart air purifier gives you more control over your air quality at home or at office. Great for small rooms, this device is equipped with Blue Air HEPA Silent Technology to remove virtually all airborne pollutants. The device has a digital control panel and convenient LED touch buttons which keeps track of the device’s operation, Wi-Fi connection and filter status as well as room air quality. Priced at Rs 59,000 this smart air purifier is the perfect choice for removing pollutants.

Philips: Healthy air always

Philips is a renowned name in the electronics market and is one of the top brands in Nepal. Syakar Company is the official distributor of Philips products in Nepal. Philips AC4014/02 smart air purifier comes with an advanced filtration system which filters out bacteria, allergens and harmful agents. The air purifier is equipped with VitaShield Intelligent Purification System which efficiently filters out pollutants. This smart appliance operates for a set number of hours and automatically switches off when the time has elapsed. The air purifier’s Healthy Air Protect Alert gives a timely warning when you need to replace the filter. The smart sensor in the device also measures and controls the indoor air quality. This air purifier by Philips is priced at Rs 49,995.