Civil servants’ salary hiked by Rs 2000; last year it was hiked by 27 per cent

•Block grant Rs 15 to 25 million for VDCs; last year it was Rs 1million

•Rs 1.5 billion for the kin of all those who lost their lives or went missing during the armed conflict. (At a conservative estimate, at least 1,200 are still missing)

•Rs 50 million for residential schools operated by Martyrs’ Academy in five development regions

•Rs 12 million for living together settlement to those families that were internally been displaced due to armed conflict

•Rs 20 million for herbs collection facilitation centres at Jumla Banke and Salyan

•Rs 20 million for Ram Vrikhsa Yadav Memorial Centre at Janakpur Hospital and Suresh Wagle Memorial cancer centre at TU Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu

•New International Airport at Nijgarh; Bara, gets continuation

•Construction of Lok Marg – people’s roadSources of finance for the budget

•Rs 129.21 billion revenue

•Rs 47.93 billion foreign grant

•Rs 18.70 billion foreign loan

`Sectoral allocations

Last fiscal Year This fiscal year

Rs 28.39 billion Rs 38.98 billion for education

Rs 12.18 billion Rs 15.58 billion for health

Rs 5.82 billion Rs 5.91 billion for agriculture

Rs 7.65 billion Rs 12.69 billion for hydropower

Rs 9.34 billion Rs 13.91 billion for roads