Kathmandu, September 29:

National Planning Commission vice-chairman Pitamber Sharma today urged local donors during a meeting at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) here to lay stress on policy priority and sectoral priority. However, they responded that they were not quite happy with the present budget as they thought it quite ambitious and difficult to be fulfilled.

Several donors present during the meet said, “We welcome the budget that addressed inclusion and employment. But, we wonder how cooperatives will work or be linked to community groups. The revenue extension also is quite ambitious.”

Other donors said, “We support the budget, though it is ambitious. However, one should assess before making an investment in cooperatives. I think the budget operation must be transparent and there must be qualified people working for it.”

Reassuring them, Sharma said, “We have an ambitious budget but we have a strong leadership.” He explained, “Cooperatives initially charge small profits, and these should be promoted by the rural consumer as supply constraints exist there. We are not wasting money on cooperatives.”

MoF data shows policy priority includes quick relief to people affected by conflict and the logical conclusion of peace process, rapid economic growth, social security and inclusion while sectoral priority entails transformation of agriculture sector, development of hydropower, harnessing the full potential of tourism, improvement and expansion of physical infrastructure, human resources development and rapid industrialization.