KATHMANDU: Lumbering bearishly since September , the Nepali capital market returned to its bullish trend this week.

The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index gained 17.57 points on the fifth trading day and reached 584.64 points. Trading on the Nepse floor opened at 567.06 points on Sunday.

Shares of 86 companies were traded this week — from October 30 to November 5 — worth Rs 326.88 million. Around 5,86,100 unit shares were traded in 4,406 transactions during the period. The transaction amount was 18.29 per

cent more than last week. Around 4,92,300 unit shares equal to Rs 276.3 million

were traded through 4,544 transactions from October

23 to 29.

Commercial banks were the highest gaining group this week. Nepse index of the group gained 28.77 points whereas the biggest loser hydropower sector’s index decreased by 3.85 points. Nepse’s sensitive index, which measures performance of class ‘A’ companies added 5.28 points and reached 146.32 points this week. The float index also gained 1.73 points.

Laxmi Bank Ltd ranked top in the Nepali capital market in amount with trading of shares equal to Rs 85.25 million. Nepal Share Market and Finance (1,06,000) and Vibor Development Bank Ltd (610) ranked top in unit shares and transactions, respectively.

The top five trading companies of this week — from October 30 to November 5 — were Laxmi Bank (Rs 85.25 million), Nepal SBI Bank (Rs 28.60 million), Standard Chartered Bank(Rs 23.27 million), Bank of Kathmandu (Rs 21.62 million) and Nepal Share Market and Finance (Rs 19.93 million).

Meanwhile, around eight lakh unit right shares of Prabhu Finance were listed at the stock exchange this week.