Business Briefs

Revenue collection

PARSA: Birgunj Custom Office collected around Rs 24 billion revenue within the first seven month of this fiscal. The office collected Rs 24,904,157,000 by mid-February beginning from last mid-July, said chief officer Kewal Prasad Bhandari. It is an increase by 26.1 per cent over the targeted amount. The office had a target of Rs 19.7 billion until mid-February. The office collected the highest amount Rs 10,059,335,000 from Value Added Tax.

Processing centre

KAKARVITTA: A betel nut processing centre has been established in Budhabare of Jhapa for the first time in the country. Shree Krishna Betel Nut Cooperative Ltd has started the operation of the processing centre by investing over Rs 3 million, said cooperative secretary Khib Nath Gautam. Jhapa is a suitable site for betel nut farming. Farmers of Shantinagar, Sanischare, Khudunabari, Dhaijan and Bahundagi bring fresh betel nuts to the centre for processing. The nuts are exported to India.