CBS to submit data on quake survivors soon

Kathmandu, December 18

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is preparing to collect data on the number of April 25 earthquake survivors and submit it to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development from mid-January, CBS officials said.

They said that preparations were underway to collect exact data on the quake victims from Dolakha district in the first phase and send it to the government after processing and verifying the data.

The National Authority for Reconstruction will provide relief amount to the victims on the basis of the data provided by CBS.

CBS Deputy Director-General Rudra Suwal said that data would be collected and sent to CBS from the field itself before sending it to the ministry.

He said that they were planning to submit the collected data in a phase-wise manner so that the government could start providing relief amount to the victims shortly thereafter.

Suwal said that the second phase would cover five to seven districts affected by the quake.

“Data collection will be impartial. Technicians would go door-to-door to collect data,” he said.

He believed that the campaign would also cover those victims left out in the previous data-collection campaign, and that it would be more reliable as enumerators would go to the field to collect

the data.

CBS officials said that the campaign would be more effective due to the cooperation of the Home Ministry, the Local Development Ministry, the Ministry of Urban Development and the National Planning Commission.