Changing face of two-wheeler segment

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 28:

Due to the changing taste of customers, an alluring model of a two-wheeler appears every now and then in the Nepali market. More than a dozen models from Indian companies and one from Cosmic Yingang, the only domestic two-wheeler manufacturer in Nepal, were introduced in 2004. Equipped with many luxury features, it becomes clear that the market has shifted from economy towards the deluxe segment. “There was a time when economy segment dominated the two-wheelers market. Price tag and mileage was what customers used to look before buying bikes. But all that has now changed. Powerful and stylish bikes are sold more these days,” said Nishan Shrestha, sales executive at Shreeansh Trading Concern Pvt Ltd, the distributor of LML motorcycles.


LML has introduced three new models in 2004. Prima 125 and Graptor were launched in July and Beamer was launched in November. Eye-catching styles, powerful engines with new technologies like Gamma Nine and a reasonable price tag, have helped the sale of these LML motorcycles. Newgen Suspension System, Port Divider to enable higher pickup at lower speed and microprocessor-controlled ignition for enhanced fuel efficiency along with constant vacuum carburetor of Prima makes it an excellent commuter. The LML Graptor features EST frame for stability and rigidity, Ziga Suspension System and Drum Barrel Muffler that aid to achieve superior pick-up and good fuel efficiency. The Rapid Turbulence Combustion Chamber

(RTTC) has been designed for higher torque and power in LML motorcycles.


Shrestha International Trading Concern launched Nova manufactured by Kinetic Engineering Ltd in August. Driven by a demand from women, Nova has sold over 300 units in eight months. “The Kinetic Nova 135 is the only scooter with a 135 cc engine, making it the most powerful automatic scooter on the road,” said Suman Shrestha, marketing executive at Shrestha International Trading Concern. The ergonomically designed commuter has plush seat and extra legroom for relaxed riding posture. Its under seat storage is big enough to hold two helmets and smart lights fitted under them ensure that nothing is left in the under

seat store. Puncture resistant tires and a mobile charging point it holds, make it a scooter of the communication age.

Cosmic Yingang

Cosmic Yingang Motorcycles

introduced Cosmic Yingang 100-7 in October. CY 100-7 is powered by Japanese technology and a four-stroke 97 cc engine of single-cylinder type. Its made-in-Nepal brand image and quality have helped its market shares. Its patented fuel saving device, that saves 20 per cent fuel consumption, has helped CY sales. “We have so far sold over 200 units of CY 100-7 and the demand is increasing. Features like fuel gauge, mobile phone indicator, digital clock speedometer and gear indicator have helped it in the market,” said Adhir Shrestha, manager, marketing at RabRen International Pvt Ltd.

Hero Honda

Hero Honda one of the biggest player in the two-wheeler segment, introduced a revised version of CBZ and Ambition under the brand names of CBZ star and Ambition 135 respectively. Though engine specifications were same as the previous versions, graphics and looks were changed in the revised ones which have helped it ramp up its sales, said Suva Ratna Shakya, manager sales at the Syakar Company Ltd. CBZ star was launched in April and Ambition 135 in May.