Coke’s new campaign

KATHMANDU: Coca-Cola Momoutsav is back with a bang for the fifth year in Nepal. Coca-Cola Momoutsav is a festival (utsav) that takes place at the beginning of every year and embodies the great combination of the most preferred beverage and dish of Nepalis that is Coke and Momo.

With the success of Momoutsav for the past four years, this year the festival is going beyond the iconic momos, encompassing all varieties of beloved food in Nepal.

The campaign comes with the tagline, ‘Khana Je Hola, Swad Badhauna Coca-Cola’, which means ‘No matter what the food, Coca-Cola enhances the taste’. Coca-Cola’s new campaign reflects the company’s consumercentric strategy, keeping its consumers at heart and the value of Nepali culture with food at its centre by celebrating all varieties of Nepali food with the ever refreshing Coca-Cola, as per a press statement.

The campaign stars various celebrities, including popular actresses Samragyee RL Shah and Alisha Rai and singers Kengal Shrestha, Jay Author and Aizen. Additionally, as a part of Momoutsav campaign, various restaurants are providing exciting offers on Coke and Momo combos.