Computer forensic expertise needed to bust cybercrimes

Press Trust of India

Kolkata, June 27:

As cybercrimes in BPOs make headlines, computer forensic experts say Indian investigating

agencies need to be a step ahead of the criminals in putting together sophisticated tools to discover evidence.

Billions stolen each year by criminals with credit card crimes topping the list as the digital revolution in India brings to fore newer frauds, says Samir Datt, director of Computer Forensics and Investigations in ‘Visionindia’.

“Computer forensics is an emerging field that could help victims of computer crimes to discover evidence. It has wide applications in investigation and analysis techniques to acquire potential legal evidence”, says Datt whose firm helps police forces of many Indian states in busting cybercrimes and employs software used by the FBI as well as police departments of countries like the US and Germany.

Alongside credit card crimes, the number of cases of insurance and medical fraud, money laundering, espionage and intelligence gathering were also on the rise, he said. “There has been a dramatic increase in the number of cases where women are harassed on e-mail by jilted lovers or maniacs”, Datt says, “We have handled a case where a few employees of a Pune-based offshore processing unit stole the PIN numbers of US Citibank clients and tried to steal money but were caught. We also nabbed a youngster who had sent misleading e-mails to the police about a girl who had spurned him the evidence matters.”