Computers running Windows 98 best unhooked from net

Hanover, May 30:

Users of the Windows 98 operating system should soon permanently disconnect their machines from the Internet to guard against possible virus attacks.

“This reduces the risk that viruses will exploit security holes in the system,” says Axel Vahldiek from the Hanover-based computer magazine ‘c’t”. Microsoft recently announced that July 11 will be the last day of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me. No more new security updates will be offered from the company’s homepage after that date.

Computers being used for non-Internet related purposes are not threatened by this. For other computers, users should consider buying a newer machine that can support a more modern operating system. Old computers often fail to meet the minimum hardware requirements for newer operating systems.

There is no real alternative to the Microsoft support, Vahldiek feels. “Microsoft has never released the source code for Windows 98. That’s why no other provider can fill the gap,” he says.